Why Social House?

Social House Chiropractic was created and designed for the stuck and struggling families. We founded Social House Chiropractic to provide families with HOPE, and ANSWERS. Here at Social House Chiropractic we know that health comes from within, and everything that is done by the SHC team is to strengthen the nervous system to function at its highest capacity. Our goal is to empower and create thriving, healthy families in our community. Our systems and process allow us to find and measure stress in the nervous system, which allows us to put a customized plan together to completely elevate each members quality of life and find what true health and wellness is. If you are seeking an elevated quality of life for you or your family member, you have found the right COMMUNITY

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What people are saying

“Dr. Collin & Dr. Kara along with Megan are all an amazing team!!! They treat my son so nice, always welcoming with a big smile to see us and so caring.
The best chiropractor’s in North Dallas hands down! I am extremely appreciative of all their hard work and blessed to have found such an caring and knowledgeable team to treat my son.”


“I cant rave about this place enough! Started coming around 26 weeks pregnant and my only regret is not coming sooner. It’s been game changing for my sleep!! 38 weeks now and feel so good. Would 100% recommend!!”