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Our Process

Step 1: Onboarding Phone call + Paperwork

Taking time to listen and explain

While this may sound like a given, this is truly what sets Social House Chiropractic apart from the rest of healthcare. We really do listen. We fully understand that there are answers that you are seeking for yourself or for your child, and we understand that where you or your child got off track is in the case history. And no one knows that story better than you, or in a kiddos case…The parents.

It all starts with our customized intake paperwork (delivered via email or text). This helps us move through our “CSI” part of the process. Here is where we find anything and everything that contributed to each persons current state, and helps us identify the challenges that may have overwhelmed and imbalanced you or your child’s nervous system.

From there, we wont leave you hanging and wondering. Our Doctors are incredible educators and communicators. They will explain to you exactly how the science of chiropractic works. They will explain what to expect, and answer any questions you may have. You’ll be blown away by SHC after the consultation alone! But the good news is… we’re just getting started.

Step 2: Discovery Exam

INSiGHT scans find, measure, and map out the neurological stress

We don’t guess, we test.

Your first visit to the office gives us the chance to connect with you and dive deeper in to your health journey. We will start with a quick tour of our beautiful office that will take us to our exam room where one of our doctors will sit down with you and talk with you through your story. We encourage you to provide as much detail about any health challenges and goals that you may have so we have a thorough understanding of your health journey. We want to help you wherever you’re at and the more we know the more we can help, which is our primary goal of course!

SHC docs focus 100% of their clinical care on the Autonomic Nervous system. This controls and coordinates the function of every other system and cell in the body. This is why so many of us are dealing with significant challenges with Gut function, immune function, behavioral, social/emotional well-being,  sleep challenges, and so many more.

The CLA INSiGHT scans are absolutely incredible! They are an entirely non-invasive way of measuring how much neurological dysfunction and distress(subluxation) is stuck within you or your child’s autonomic nervous system. They also help us locate and map out exactly where the worst of it is! This is how we are able to create personalized care plans for each individual, tailored to their specific needs.

Step 3: Your Customized Care Plan

Finally… The good stuff!

This is where it all comes together and the magic happens! Our docs at SHC are absolute masters at building customized, personalized, goal-focused Care Plans that get the most incredible results.

Our care plan is based entirely on the principles of neuroplasticity, and the neurological science. Our care plan process sets us apart from not only other forms of chiropractic, but from all forms of health care, period.

Your SHC doc will sit down with you for a face-to-face meeting on your day two Report of Findings and walk you through every bit of the Consultation & the INSiGHT scan findings. They will explain exactly what everything means, but most importantly the details of your Neurological Restoration Care Plan best suited to meet the goals put forth by you or your child.

Regular Visit

After your first two visits, your future visits will only take around 15 minutes. You will sign in electronically at the front desk and then we’ll get you ready for care. On visit where a progress scan is scheduled, please allow an extra 10 minutes for this appointment. 

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