Why Social House Chiropractic?

The first question we always get is “what is the meaning behind the name?” The meaning behind the name Social House Chiropractic is just that… A place where community and tribe happen. The vision that the Doctors had for Social House was to have a community of thriving families and kids, a place where families hangout and connect, and a tribe seeking a higher, holistic quality of life that recognizes that health comes from within. Health is something that each individual creates and works towards.

So… Welcome to Social House Chiropractic. If you are seeking true health and wellness, you have found the right place. Here at Social House Chiropractic we focus on empowerment + education. We are here to provide answers and allow our patients to be heard. We specialize in pediatric, preconception + perinatal care, Teens + adults. We hope this message finds you well, and we hope to meet you soon to get your health and wellness elevated to the next level.

Our goal is to connect, educated, empower and deliver live changing results to our community. Our vision for Social House is to create a community and tribe to serve and collaborate with on their health and wellness journey. Dr. Collin + Dr. Kara are both huge health and wellness advocates and have created Social House Chiropractic as a collective healing place for families to learn, grow and heal together.

Kim Caley
September 6, 2022.
Great doctors that take the time to get to know you and assess your needs. At my first appointment, they took the time to sit with me and review my scans and set me up on a treatment plan. I’ve had adjustments from both Dr. Collin and Dr. Kara, and they made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Convenient hours, great location and feeling so much better after a few treatments!
Randal Hall
September 2, 2022.
This place is amazing. Never have to wait long for my visits and feel refreshed when I leave.
Josh Mills
September 1, 2022.
Thanks for taking care of my back pain!
Kristin Hayes
August 29, 2022.
I love Social House Chiropractic! I have been to a few different chiropractors in my adult years and this is by far my favorite and I look forward to my weekly appointment! The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. I feel so welcomed at every visit. Love the progress scans as well! My body feels so much better since starting with a treatment plan!
Chapjacked (chapjacked)
August 29, 2022.
Cara and Collin are both amazing and work wonderfully as a team. My whole family has seen them now, myself included! And now even our baby! When my wife first found them, she was in her final trimester and Cara took great care of her! And don't forget about Ally! She is very friendly and does her job outstandingly - and it looks like she's starting to be trained on doing the initial reports - very exciting and well deserved!
HayzGirl Plays
August 16, 2022.
This is an amazing place my back has felt so much better since I started. I really enjoy getting adjusted and I recommend it for everyone who is having back pains or even mental health problems
Ashleigh Thomas
August 15, 2022.
I started visiting in May, and I’ve been so happy with my results! The staff are so warm and friendly. They provide a very comfortable atmosphere.
Anessa Trejo
August 10, 2022.
We love social house chiro. Our son has been in their care since week 2 of life and they are nothing short of amazing at getting our guy to be happy. He was in so much pain & their approach was so gentle.