What To Expect

Before Your First Visit

When you schedule your initial appointment at Social House Chiropractic, we will send you some intake paperwork via email. You can fill everything out and submit it right from your phone, tablet or computer. You may also print it out and bring it with you when you come. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

First Visit

Your first visit to the office gives us the chance to connect with you and dive deeper in to your health journey. We will start with a quick tour of our beautiful office that will take us to our exam room where either Dr. Collin or Dr. Kara will sit down with you and talk with you through your health history. We encourage you to provide as much detail about any health challenges and goals that you may have so we have a thorough understanding of your health journey. We want to help you wherever you’re at and the more we know the more we can help, which is our primary goal.

Once we’ve talked through your health history, we will assess how well your spine and nervous system are functioning with our CLA Insight scanning technology. These scans allow us to take a deeper look into your neuro-spinal system and provides us with a visual of where stress is building up in your central nervous system rather than just guessing. Other functional movement screenings and orthopedic tests will be done at this time. If there are no red flags from your exams, history, or scans you will receive a light adjustment. The first visit is very comprehensive so please allow 30-45 minutes for your appointment. 

Second Visit

When you return for your second visit, Dr. Collin and Dr. Kara will have reviewed your exams, history, and scans in detail together. They will have created a personalized and unique care plan best suited to help you restore your health and wellness. This Report of Findings is where Dr. Collin or Dr. Kara will go over your scans in detail with you to help you understand what is going in your nervous system and present to your care plan recommendation. It is important to us that you have a solid understanding of what is going on with your own body we will answer as many questions as you might have. If you decide to proceed with care, you will get your first full body adjustment! Please allow 30-45 minutes for your second visit as well. 

Regular Visit

After your first two visits, your future visits will only take around 15 minutes. You will sign in electronically at the front desk and then well get you ready for care. On visit where a progress scan is scheduled, please allow an extra 10 minutes for this appointment. 

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